Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shades of Navy for a San Francisco Trip

Hi All!  Beth here, y&i's online marketing manager.  I'm so excited to be leaving the heat of Austin for a long weekend of fun with friends, America's Cup spectating & SHOPPING in San Francisco!  Not only do I get hang out in one of the best cities around but I finally get to check out the original y&i boutique!  However, packing for this trip had me seriously stressed with the major change in wardrobing needs... layers!?  Who layers?  Well, after some digging around on one of my favorite tumblers and a few inspiring Pinterest boards, I found some great images to get my suitcase packed and ready.  Navy was all over the place!  Tops, stripes, dresses, shoes, and even nails.  Perfectly nautical enough for some America's Cup watching yet chic enough for a night on the town.  Done! Look for some images from the trip soon on our instagram account, instagram.com/shopyandi!


featured items:

*image source: pinterest.com, french-voguettes.tumblr.com,  

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