Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Milan Fashion Week Report: Spring 2014

Love Fashion Week as much as we do? Check out some of our favorite styles from he Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013. We can’t get enough of Alberta Ferreti’s, Botega Veneta’s, or Missoni’s looks for spring 2014!

During Fashion Week, Alberta Ferreti made a statement on the runway to say the least. By looking at her use of tiered skirts, shirtwaist dresses, cropped linens, and floral prints, it is safe to say that Alberta Ferretti’s look for the spring is girly. Her clothing line focused on ‘positive energy’ and ‘the joy of living’. This focus was obvious through her implementation of brightly colored embroidery and ribbon embellishments used to jazz up to the white dresses in her line. We love that!

Botega Veneta’s designs definitely made their presence known during Milan Fashion Week. For this spring, Bottega Veneta dialed down color and prints and added more volume to the line, creating a more dramatic look amongst its designs. Although the majority of the spring 2014 clothing are more voluminous and dramatic, they also had a sense of lightness to them allowing for a look that is more modern, relaxed, and feminine- a perfect combination for spring!

The Missoni designs at the Milan Fashion Week are something to talk about. Missoni based his designs on the four elements: earth, fire, wind, and water. With abstract prints staying in line with this theme of four elements, an exotic look was created. This look was maintained by pieces such as a skirt tied like a sarong as well as pieces that had brightly colored loom knit stripes, resembling a Mexican style. The boldness of the Missoni designs certainly adds another element of excitement to the upcoming season!

With these designs in mind, I can say with confidence that the Alberta Ferreti, Botega Veneta, and Missoni spring lines will make the season memorable. We can’t wait to see what more spring has in store for us!

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