Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Your Time to S H I N E ! ! ! New Year's looks and Party Ideas Just for You!

image source: sayyestohoboken.com
Spell letters out with pipe cleaners to make cake toppers or drink stirrers.

image source: marcussiriotis.com
Try sporting some fun, bling covered sun glasses for your New Year's day activities!

image source: 100layercake.com/blog
Fun with friends (and glitter).  Try gold metallic confetti for when the clock strikes twelve!

Layer on the glam jewelry this evening for a chic, vintage look!

image source: pinterest.com
Click HERE to learn how to cover your own champagne bottles in glitter.  
Such a cute gift idea!

image source: balloontime.com
How to create this adorable champagne table? Click HERE for the balloon how to guide!

image source: pinterest.com
Quick!  Shop your local thrift store or goodwill for an old silver tray.  The perfect serving platter for a champagne celebration!

image source: reclaimingprovincial.com
Speaking of champagne... want to add a sweet surprise to your cocktail this holiday?  How about Homemade Angostura Sugar Cubes!? Click HERE for the how-to guide!

image source: stylesatlife.com
Finally, one more beauty idea.  How about a little nail art for tonight's celebration? 
This is by far our favorite look.  
Find the how-to guide HERE.

Whether celebrating at home with loved ones or out with a crowd, 
we hope you have a lovely, happy & SAFE holiday!


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